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"Singularities and Genetic Structure in Deleuze's Logic of Sense.Journal of Speculative Philosophy (forthcoming).


"Compression and Noise." Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology.


"Review of Arjen Kleinherenbrink’s Against Continuity: Deleuze’s Speculative Realism.” Co-authored with Dylan Vaughan. Deleuze and Guattari Studies.


“Editor’s Introduction: Disenchantment and Forms of Life." Chiasma: A Site for Thought


“Editor’s Introduction: To Be a Body?.” Chiasma: A Site for Thought


“The Metaphysical Subject and Logical Space: Solipsism and Singularity in the Tractatus.” Open Philosophy.


Quaestio tantum quaestionum: A White Paper on Creative Instantiation” XPNDR (2015), Eds. David Frohlich and Kelsey Olson, 8-9.

“What is an Event? Or, the Hawk,” WOPOZI 2 (Cerulean) (2012), 24.




Ph.D., The Metaphysics of Modernism and the Aesthetics of Reason in Wittgenstein, Deleuze, and Others, (2023).

M.A., Deleuze Through Wittgenstein: Essays in Transcendental Empiricism, (2014).


Works Prepared or In Progress

"Counter-Actuals and Counterfactuals: Tense and Modality in Deleuze's Philosophy of Language"

"Norms, Practices, and the 'Spirit' of Aesthetics: Wittgenstein, Brandom, Peirce"


"The Derivative Avant-Garde: Self Appropriation and the Recursive Readymade in Marcel Broodthaers’ Tractatus Logico-Catalogicus - Art or the Art of Selling"

"Living Proofs: Combinatorics and Decision Problems in Samuel Beckett's Watt and What Where​"

"First Nature and 'Last Humans' in Beckett's Endgame."


​"Against the Possible, for the New: Exhaustion, Temporality, and the Subject of Modernity in Deleuze and Beckett"


"Vertigo and Worldlessness" (forthcoming)


“Reason, Speculation, and Speciation in Kant’s Aesthetic Judgment.”

"Husserl Study: Crisis, Philosophy, Grounding, Science"

"Hegel Study: Encyclopedia and Euphoria"

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