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Before 'Aesthetics'

1A. Introduction - Video; Slides

1B. Western and Non-Western Aesthetics/Blocker - VideoSlides

2A-B. Ancient Greece/Plato/Aristotle - Pt. 1; Pt. 2; Slides

3A. Ancient China/Tu Wei Ming - Video; Slides

3B. Japanese Aesthetics/Yuriko Saito - Pt. 1; Pt. 2; Slides


Aesthetics in the German Tradition

4A. Kant I/The Beautiful - Pt. 1; Pt. 2.1Slides

4B. Kant II/The Sublime - Pt. 2.2Pt. 3.1; Pt. 3.2; Slides (2.2); Slides (3)

5A. Political Aesthetics/Walter Benjamin - Video; Slides

North American Aesthetics in the 20th and 21st Centuries

5B. Anglo-American Aesthetics/Nelson Goodman - Video; Slides

6A. Indigenous Canadian Aesthetics/Richard William Hill - NO LECTURE

6B. Blackness and Art/Huey Copeland - Video; Slides

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